Are you in the process of selecting the roof for a brand new house? Perhaps your present roof was damaged during a storm, or it might just be that the roof is old and needs to be repaired or replaced. From getting an expert opinion to selecting a new roof for your house, here are some ideas that might help you.

Getting Help from Experts - If you aren't sure if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, don't just guess. Instead, consider contacting a residential roofing service who will have experts that will examine the existing roof carefully to see what needs to be done. If you have a shingle roof or a tile roof, it may be repaired by simply replacing some of the shingles or tiles. The residential roofing service representative will have the experience and the training to know exactly what needs to be done. If only repairs are needed, it is probable that the job won't take very long at all and it will more than likely be a lot more affordable than you thought it would be.

Deciding On a New Roof - If you are buying a totally new house or replacing a severely damaged or old roof, you are probably wondering which kind of roof to select. If you are replacing a roof and you were very happy with the one you have, that's an easy decision. You'll just get the same kind of roof, won't you? Or, you might want a totally new look to your house. Again, the roofing service representative can help you make the decision. For example, if you have a traditional home, shingles or a tin roof might be the perfect solution. If your house has a Mexican look or a Mediterranean look, think of selecting a tile roof. Terracotta is probably the most traditional kind of roof to put on houses with a Mexican or Mediterranean look, but that doesn't mean that you have to select terracotta for the color of your roof tiles. Consider adding a dramatic look to your house by selecting something like turquoise for the color of your tile roof. As far as expense goes, you'll probably find that shingles are the most affordable choice with tin being next. A tile roof will more than likely be your most expensive choice, but they last a very long time and are easy to repair.