Many homeowners do not put much thought into how their attic is ventilated. One feature you definitely want to consider having is a motorized attic fan. It can provide many benefits to your home that you may not be aware of. Here are some reasons why you should have one installed.

Attic Fans Protect Your Roofing Material

One place where moisture tends to collect within your home is the attic. If the roof has a leak that has gone unnoticed, you can easily have a moisture problem that you are completely unaware of. Moisture also collects inside an attic due to cooking and showering, which is due to the hot air with the moisture rising and getting trapped in your home's attic.

The attic may have some existing vents, but they won't work well enough to get rid of the moisture that is collecting within the attic. An attic fan can help circulate the air and remove the moisture that would otherwise stay inside the home. Removing the moisture will prevent problems with mold, mildew, and even wood rot.

A roofing contractor can determine how many fans are necessary to ventilate your attic. A single fan can work well for a small home, but a larger home can benefit from multiple fans.

Attic Fans Provide Comfort

Does your home tend to be hot throughout the summer, especially on the second floor of your home? The temperature of the attic could be playing into your overall comfort. Without proper ventilation, the heat sits in the attic and keeps the space warm. That heat eventually finds its way into the rest of your home. It can seep through cracks or simply radiate through the drywall.

Removing the heat with an attic fan will stop the temperature change from affecting your second floor. When combined with adding additional insulation, it can make a big difference in your comfort.

Attic Fans Cut Down on Energy Costs

When your home feels hot, you are going to be running the air conditioning more often to help cool everything down. It's a battle that you'll constantly be fighting as long as the attic is hot due to a lack of proper ventilation. Installing an attic fan can cool down your home, which causes you to reduce how much you use your air conditioning. This can be seen in potential energy savings over the entire summer by not using your air conditioner as much.

​Contact a local roofing contractor to for any custom carpentry needs, such as determining how many attic fans your house will need or to restore the wood if water has damaged it.