After investing a large amount of money into getting your roof replaced, it is important to make sure you don't end up with untimely repairs being needed. Anything that can cause damage to the asphalt shingles should be taken care of in a timely manner. You don't want to find out in a few short years that your roof deck is damaged and that simple repairs to the roof are not possible. This article provides a few suggestions that can be considered to make sure your new asphalt shingle roof will last for many years before falling into irreparable shape.

1. Don't Neglect the Rain Gutters on Your House

Home rain gutters are important because they keep water from accumulating near the foundation. Basically, your foundation lasts longer when it is protecting from the pressure of rainwater. However, rain gutters can be detrimental to your roof if they are not taken care of. You should get the gutters cleaned to prevent rainwater from sitting in them and overflowing onto the shingles.

2. Pay Attention to the Amount of Granules on the Ground

A sign that your roof is falling into bad shape is when you begin to see granules on the ground. Asphalt shingles are covered in the granules in an effort to protect them from ultraviolet radiation damage. A small amount of granule loss is normal, but you should consider replacing shingles when the problem is severe.

3. Look for Damage Inside of Your House

Get into the habit of observing the condition of the ceilings and walls in your house. Being that you are not likely to be on the roof a lot, you can find out if it is damaged from walls and ceilings. For instance, you might notice water damage, such as discolored paint, bubbles, and mold on the walls and ceilings.

4. Always Inspect for Missing Shingles After a Windy Day

You can never predict when wind might knock a few shingles off of the roof deck. Unless you climb up on the roof and check for missing shingles, you can end up with severe deck damage without knowing it. The shingles cover the deck to protect it from outside elements, which is what prevents a roof from having to be completely replaced.

5. Watch for Algae Spores Growing on the Shingles

One of the most important things that you can do for your roof is to watch for algae growth. Be on the lookout for lack streaks that get bigger as time passes by. Algae spores are detrimental because they can quickly destroy asphalt shingles. A roofing contractor can inspect for algae growth if you don't want to climb on top of the roof too often.