With green designs becoming a standard for construction of homes, you may want to consider an environmentally-friendly solution when you have a new roof installed on your home. Natural roofing materials give you the benefit of renewable resources, durability and energy efficiency for your home. Here are the natural roofing solutions that you will want to choose from for the new roof on your home:

1. Stone and Slate Tiles for A Durable and Attractive Roof

Stone and slate materials are a durable choice for a natural roofing material. These materials have the benefit of being extremely durable and will last for many generations with a minimal amount of maintenance. The downside to using slate on your home is that these materials are mined and not a renewable resource. Alternatively, you may want to choose to use fiber-cement tiles or synthetic slate products, which are a renewable resource and can be more affordable than using real slate.

2. Wood Shakes to Give Your Home an Environmentally-Friendly Roof

Wood shakes are one of the few roofing materials that are made from a completely renewable resource because the trees are replanted. In North America, cedar shakes are the most popular material for shake, while in England and Europe, oak shakes are more common. Shake roofs last for generations and give your home an attractive natural finish. With a shake roof, you must do regular maintenance and repairs to ensure your roofing lasts for many years. Wood shakes are also an energy efficient solution for your roof.  Today, you also have a choice of unique shake materials made from tropical hardwoods, but you will want to make sure that they are certified as being supplied from sustainable forestry management practices.

3. Thatch, Sod and Green Roofs That Provide a Thermal Barrier for Your Home

Thatch is another type of natural roofing material that is used on the roofs of homes, which it provides a thermal barrier to help insulate homes. In addition to thatch, living and sod roofs also provide a great thermal barrier. These homes with thermal barriers are great for homes in Northern climates with extremely cold temperatures. Living roofs can be a great way to add green space to the roof of a home with a contemporary design.

With a natural roofing material, your home will be greener and more energy efficient. Contact a roofing contractor like David Saner Roofing and talk with them about installing some of these natural materials for the roof of your home.