You can probably drive down almost every street in your city or town and not see any roofs made from copper. Most will be made from asphalt or cedar shingles – or perhaps from clay tiles if you live near the coast. You might see a few roofs made from aluminum or steel, but copper roofs are incredibly rare. This is partly because they can be expensive and partly because homeowners simply aren't aware of the benefits of copper roofs. Here's a look at some reasons to choose copper roofing – even if you're the only one in your town who does so!

Your roof will be around long after you're gone.

Choose copper roofing and you'll never have to put a new roof on your home again (assuming you don't move). This type of roof often lasts for 80 years and may even last 100 years or longer if you take great care of it by keeping it swept off and by calling a roofing contractor at the first sign of a leak or a little corrosion. The only other type of roof that typically lasts this long is slate, and slate isn't an option for many homes since it is so heavy. Copper roofing is much lighter, so your home's structure should be able to support the weight even if it is aging or a bit weakened.

Copper reflects light.

The less heat that is absorbed through your roof, the lower your cooling bills will be. When copper roofing is new, it is very shiny, so it reflects a lot of sunlight. Later on, it will develop a light green patina. This light color still absorbs a lot less heat from the sunlight than a black or brown roof would. So, your AC bills will stay much lower with a copper roof. This is good for your finances and also great for the environment, since a lot of electricity is obtained by burning coal or oil (dirty, polluting processes). Plus, copper roofing can be recycled when it reaches the end of its serviceable life. This is good for the earth, too!

Your home will be truly unique.

There's definitely a market for homes that stand out from the crowd in a good way. As soon as you have that copper roof put in place, your home will instantly be differentiated from all of the others in your neighborhood. The instant curb appeal should make your home easier to sell in the future. You'll also serve as a glowing example for other homeowners who may be looking for an alternative roofing option.

For more information and options, talk with roofing specialists in your area.