If you own commercial buildings, you have responsibilities to your tenants and to the community. Your tenants deserve to have an energy-efficient unit to run their business from. The community deserves good, clean water to drink and water to breathe. One way to fulfill your social responsibilities is by have vegetative roofing installed on your commercial buildings. Here are just a few of the benefits you, your tenants, and the community will have when you do.

Energy Efficiency

Water evaporates from the leaves on the vegetation on the roof. This water cools the air around it. During the hot summer months, this cool air reduces the amount of hot air that will flow into the building through the roof. In the winter, the growing medium and the vegetation provide an extra layer of insulation to prevent the heated air inside from escaping. Both of these will result in a lower energy bill for the tenants.

Improved Water Quality

If you are in area where heavy rains cause the overflow of sewers, vegetative roofs can be a big help. When sewers overflow, it can cause sewage to flow into the waterways. In addition, it causes the filtration systems at municipal water treatment centers to become clogged, causing some of this contaminated water to flow around them and get into the water you get when you open a faucet in your home. By absorbing some of the rain water, a vegetative roof will reduce the amount of water filling the sewers.

Improved Air Quality

Commercial areas contribute to the urban heat-island effect. All the blacktop and concrete generates heat, making the area hot and uncomfortable. This increased heat also increases the amount of harmful pollutants that settle around the ground. These noxious compounds are carried by the air that you breathe. A vegetative roof helps to reduce the temperature of the area, thereby reducing the ground ozone levels and giving everyone cleaner air.

When you are a socially responsible landlord, you will have no trouble keeping tenants in your buildings. They will appreciate that you are doing something to keep their heating and cooling bills at a minimum. Community members will see that you care about their health and are willing to do something to help them. This will create loyal customers for your tenants. In addition, taking your responsibilities seriously can go a long way in helping your real estate business grow. The business community will be more willing to help you knowing that you are giving back to everyone.

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