If having your home run on solar power is appealing, but those bulky rooftop solar panels are turning you off to doing it, know that there's a very attractive alternative to get solar power into your home. Using solar shingles will combine power and protection without making drastic changes to how your roof looks.

Solar Shingles Explained

A solar shingle is a lightweight solar panel that integrates with the asphalt shingles on your home's roof. They're constructed as flexible sheets that are connected with wires underneath the shingle. The shingles collect the energy from the sun and send it to a device called an inverter, which transforms the energy into an AC current that is used to power your house.

The great thing about these solar shingle sheets is that they can be integrated into your normal asphalt roof. They are strong enough to provide protection to your roof like a regular asphalt shingle would. This includes damage from hail, rain, high winds, as well as the weight of people walking on your roof to perform maintenance.

Where Solar Shingles Can Be Used

Your home doesn't need to be in a sun belt in order to take advantage of solar energy. For example, Germany gets the same amount of sunlight as the state of Alaska, but is able to generate much more solar energy than the US does.

What plays into the effectiveness of solar shingles is the size of your roof as well as its orientation. It needs to receive direct light from the sun for most of the daytime. Be aware of how landscaping could impact the effectiveness of solar shingles, which could involve trimming or even removing trees that are blocking the light from the sun.

Drawbacks of Solar Shingles

The solar shingles will be more than just roofing material. It's a key part of how your home gets power, and can involve a lot of unexpected additional costs. In addition to the price of the shingles, expect to pay for an inverter that connects the solar shingles to the electrical panel in your home. Your electric company could require that a new electric meter is installed as well. Thankfully, there could be energy credits that can help offset these additional costs.

For more info on solar shingles, speak to a professional roofing company in your area. They can assist with sourcing and installing the solar shingles for you, and provide you with an accurate cost estimate for the installation. Contact a business, such as Cloise & Mike Construction Inc, for more information.