Almost all residential roofs have fascia and soffit boards along the roof line. These are very important elements of your roofline, and the entire look of your home exterior. Over time wooden fascia and soffit boards can fade and look deteriorated. This article will explain how to refinish these boards to keep them waterproof and strong.

Identifying the Soffit and Fascia

The fascia is the vertical board that runs along the edge of the roof. The soffit is on the underside of a roof's overhang. Obviously, the fascia wears down quicker than the soffit because it is exposed to the sun and moisture. The fascia is very important as a design element of any roof. It is usually painted a different color than the roof--it will often match the trim and door frames. The area just inside the soffit and fascia along the corner of a roof often houses ducts and other important pipes and wires. This is another reason why it is so important to keep them sealed and structurally intact.

Sanding and Preparing the Surface

The first thing you need to do is prepare your fascia and soffit to be refinished by sanding them. You should lightly sand the surface so it is uniformly smooth. During the sanding, you should closely examine the wood to see if there are any signs of deterioration. The fascia and soffit are particularly popular homes for termites, bees and rodents. If there are any dings, holes, dents, or large scratches, you need to patch them with wood putty. Putty is easy to apply with a knife, but work quickly before it dries. Once the putty dries you will need to re-sand the patch to make it flat again.

Priming and Painting the Surface

It is very important to prime your boards before you paint them. Primer will help waterproof the boards and protect them from water and termite damage. You also need to use special exterior paint. You can even invest in acrylic exterior paints that are thicker and more durable. Applying two or more coats of paint will give you even more protection.

Updating your soffit and fascia is very useful if you want to increase the curb appeal of your property and protect the structural integrity of your roof line. You can do the remodel on your own without spending much money at all. Contact a local roofing company for more information.